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Pan Winyl (Mr. Vinyl)

Maybe you’re visiting here for the first time and you don’t know who Pan Wiyl (Mr. Vinyl) is, so here’s a little bit about myself.

My name is Tomasz Olszewski and I have been present and active in the music industry for over a decade. I started with selling vinyl records on internet, then I created and co-created few physical and online stores. Then I started releasing CD and vinyl records for some of my friends, which led me to opening a music label. Having my own label called for contact with media, and so we started cooperating which in turn was a reason for starting the PR agency for independent artists and musicians. Then I was asked to write a book, which I gladly wrote ( hoping it will be published in 2022), the book is of course on the wide subject of „ black gold”. For many years now I have been writing my blog www.panwinyl.pl , in the meantime I also did radioshows as a hobby eg. “Kawa z Panem Winylem“. (Coffee with Mr. Vinyl)

I have worked with bands such as: Rebeka, Heart & Soul, mona polaski, Eliza A. Tkacz, Dominika Barabas czy Cool Kids Of Death.

I have graduated from the first edition of Tak Brzmi Miasto Inkubator (Cracow, Poland) – innovative training program for artists and music managers. I have also taken part in and co-created many events dedicated to music, music market and vinyl culture. I participated in many workshops, discussion panels and festivals.

Currentl I promote DIY music in media, I work with artists on their on-line presence, taking into account newest technologies: marketing automation and tokenization. I also suport artists in their proces of releasing music on vinyls and CDs. I’m a artist career and music prodact developer, radio plugger, promotor and influencer.

I’m also getting ready to release first tokenized vinyl in Poland that will also be an NFT. ANd my big dream is to open first decentrilized music lablel plus tokenized pressing vinyl plant!


Winyl token is a personal token, but can also be a loyality token, and in some sense also an investment.


Maybe you wonder about the price of Winyl Token? Why is it 0,04PLN ( 0,01$) and not 1 PLN.

Before I released Winyl Tokens through Sapiency app ( you can download it on Google app and Apple Store) I had to think how much is my personal brand worth. My personal brand is assigned and connected to directly to me. It is hard to sell something so personal.

I’ve been active on the market for over a decade and thought I assume that the value of my brand grew 100,000 PLN every year. It’s very abstract but I had to start somewhere. It turned out to be 1 mln PLN, I divided that into 21 million tokens ( why ? it’s a bitcoin standard), and I rounded up the score to a cent which is roughly 0,04 PLN.


First of all access to content! Sapiency app, not only enables personal brand tokenization, but it’s also a socialmedia platform. This is where I share content that is not available on other socialmedia platforms. Depending on the level of access you choose this is the content you will be able to see. The access level is determined by the amount of Winyl tokens owned. There is salso 0 level, where you don’t need any tokens to scroll through Pan Winyl’s profile and watch 0 tokens posts.

Winyl Token ha salso coverage in my work. If you have winyl tokens, you can always exchange them for my services: consulting, workshops, PR or other.

You will also be able to soon use Winyl Tokens to buy vinyl record for the 10th Anniversary of Mr. Vinyl and my own book.

winyl token sapiency pan winyl


  1. Owners and holders of (Breeders) VINYL TOKENS have access to my content in the Sapiency app:
    • about WINYL TOKENS,
    • tokenization in music,
    • krypomarketingu,
    • music and independent DIY artists,
    • NFT and Smart Contracts.
    • vinyl records,
    • about collecting and investing,
    • about rare vinyl records,
    • about the music market in terms of the latest technologies. e.t.c,
    • as well as entertainment, contests, Air Drops and more!
  1. When you buy vinyl records in selected stores ( currently Long Play, Poznań) for every 100 PLN spent you become 10 Winyl Tokens.
  2. If you’re an artist or a band and you pay me for my services, you will receive 5% of the value back in Winyl Tokens. And paying in Winyl Tokens you can get as much as 20% discount.
  3. If you are a beginner in the Sapiency application, you can take advantage of the step-by-step consultation on the functioning of the application, registration and tokenization.
  4. With me, you can develop your own tokenomy, supply and demand strategy for your token!
  5. After going public, you can buy and sell it on the secondary market.
  6. You can exchange tokens for real Pan Winyl products ( 10th Anniversary vinyl -limited version will only be available to buy for Winyl tokens or for a book for much better price in PLN)
  7. And many more coming!


Tokenomy is economy of tokens. It’s the whole environment around the Winyl Token, behind which stands the demand and supply for the Winyl Token. Tokenomy shows economic dynamics within the world of Pan Winyl, where Winyl Token is the currency. This currency although virtual has purchasing power.

Tokenomy helps to determine the value of the token. In order to say what is the potential value of the token, the following should be taken into consideration: purpose- what does it do, functionality-can you trade and exchange it. Also its stability and distribution is considered.

„Vinyl” tokenomy is currently rooted in Pan Winyl’s ecostystem, which means I have accepted it as a payment method.

You can follow Winyl token story on Polygonscan:



  1. After you download Sapiency app and register write to me at kontakt@panwinyl.pl with your nick from the app, and you receive Winyl Tokens as a welcoming gift.
  2. When you sign up for the newsletter on my blog you will also receive Winyl Tokens ( as described in 1.)
  3. Making a purchase in the parter store and spending more than 100 PLN.
  4. Air drops and giveaways on Sapiency app. Regularly check Pan Winyl’s profile on the app. Air drop is simply a drop of tokens in a form of a lottery on Sapiency app. You don’t need any Winyl Tokens to take part in it, but you do need a Sapiency account to do it. Giveaways- look point 1 and 2.
  5. You can also recommend my services to someone, and you get 10% comission in Winyl Tokens to your Kanga or Spiency account from the value of the service bought.
  6. You can help mi promoting Winyl tokens in social media. How? I count on your creativitiy and gladly and generously reward you.
  7. You can but WINYL TOKENS directly from me via: bank trafsfer or PayPal. More payment methods will come soon.


Currently you can buy Winyl Tokens directly from me-crowdsales on Sapiency app. In the near future also on crypto-exchange Kanga Exchange. At the moment there’s no possibility of selling them, it will become possible once Winyl Token will appear on exchange. You can buy Winyl tokens directly from my (via PayPal, Bank transfer).

In the near future I will guarantee buying the tokens back form the market in order to keep its fluidity. The tokens then could be sold on Kanga Exchange.


  1. Marketplace- buying vinyl records directly for Winyl Tokens on Sapiency app.
  2. Linked Airdrops – you will receive Winyl Tokens together with tokens of tokenized artists withing Sapiency app.
  3. Winyl Token on Kanga Exchange: it will enable exchange of Winyl Token for another token or money, which could be withdrawn form the cash mashine or wired to your bank account.
  4. Communication department with Winyl Tokens holders: analisis, reports and future of the project.
  5. Purchasing Winyl Tokens from the market.
  6. Paying with WinYl Tokens through Kanga Pay.


Tokenization of Pan Winyl Label is still in its infancy. The developmnt of the label is connected to the development of the Sapiency app itself. I can say that there are artist already lining up to be tokenized and soon Winyl Token will be linked to other, artistic tokens. It means that those who own Winyl tokens will be gifted tokens of different artists and vice versa.

As well I dream about tokenized vinyl pressing plant! It’s beggining! And I see big potential of connection between old and new, phisical vinyl records and digital, decentralized Winyl tokens! Both could be collected (hodled)!


I can see how profesional you are in builing your brand. I am conviced that the same will happen with your personal Winyl token. You have thoroughly worked through the subject of tokenization and proposed a solid and attractive „Winyl” tokeneonomy. For sure you stand out in regards to available valuable tokens in Poland.

Jacek Kołodziejczak (inwestor, entrepreneur, owner of IT Agency OpenArt Studio)

Thank you and best regards

Contact me if you want to buy WINYL TOKENS directly from me. Feel free to ask my any question about my WINYL TOKENS or TOKENOMY:

    Korzystając z formularza zgadzasz się na przechowywanie i przetwarzanie twoich danych przez tę witrynę.

    Pan Winyl

    Polityka anty-algorytmiczna: w sekcji poniżej znajdują się warte uwagi treści, które mogą, ale nie muszą być podobne do tego co już przeczytałeś/przeczytałaś. Na moim blogu wprowadziłem politykę anty-algorytmiczną czyli ludzką. Dbam tym samym o to, żebyś miał/miała możliwość poznania różnej muzyki, różnych ludzi i różnych opinii.

    Uwaga! Możesz tu znaleźć treści, z którymi się nie zgadzasz, pamiętaj, że nie oznacza to, że Cię nie szanuję.

    PS.: To, że korzystam z narzędzi używających algorytmów, oznacza tylko tyle, że używam ich świadom ich zalet i wad!

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