This article is for those, who want to know how to use blockchain technology in building their own community and career development. Sapiency app is about tokenization of value, value that you represent as an artist, musician, writer, or any other creative expression. Value that until now it was hard to put a price tag on, and now it’s possible in few steps. How much is Pan Winyl brand worth? 21 000 000 WINYL TOKENS! So easy!

Revolution or Evolution?

The video below I saw only few days ago, though I have been using Sapiency for few months already! Today I can say that it works! I’m creating a community, content which can be accessed through WINYL TOKENS, and up till now hodlers from all over the world have purchased them for over $1000.

I always dreamt of earning on who I am. Just like that. I simply think that every artist, painter, musician or any other creative person making art or other content, deserves it. Just like it’s said in the video above, would any other social media medium pay you for what you have done for it? Of course not!

Why Sapiency?

Sapiency is an app, that gives possibility for tokeninzation of one’s own brand, that is releasing one’s own tokens. In simple terms, it’s like FB with levels of access. These levels are determined by the creator, as seen on the print screens below.

Tokenized People of Music or Hodlers (owners) of WINYL TOKEN who buy, win or receive the tokens are engaged in the content. What do these tokens give them? First of all access to the content I publish!

Why would people of music pay for my tokens? Because they want to see my content, read it and listen! How is it possible? Because I create valuable stuff. What kind? Sometimes it’s a simple post about coffee, or about weather. Other times I serve a content-filled with value! And other times, a packed with goodies post about tokenization or worthy of investment collectable vinyls!

Is this enough? In my opinion, no! It’s good to prepare, and work on Tokenomy! That is- how your hodlers can use the tokens! For example: can they buy concert tickets with tokens? Or a record? Will they get some bonuses or exclusive content? It’s good to have a think about it.

You can stay on the level of creating valuable content and „pricing” access to it. Some of my posts are for 0 WINYL TOKENS, others for 100 or more. Each of my hodlers decides themselves on what level he wants to be involved.


Here you can read how I created the tokenomy of my WINYL TOKEN.

Tokenomy is nothing else than setting the rules governing my own artistic market. It’s good to think through the idea of supply and demand, that is what should influence your fans, who gladly buy your token and use it in your world.

The coolest feeling right after tokenization was to see that over 20 million tokens appeared on my virtual wallet, worth according to my stake is over $ 200,000. Of course it’s not the real $ but the future $ if I had sold all the tokens! But that has made me feel over and over again that what I was doing really has value! Now only those who will pay for it have to be found! It was a very exciting moment for me. Suddenly I became a millionaire! A VINYLNAIRE, but always! An unforgettable feeling!

Pan WInyl

Community is necessary!

Not so long ago I took part in a mini-conference on Twitter organised by Famous Dyl and Fifi Rong, titled music NFT. I was given an opportunity to share with the international audience about what Sapiency offers! I also listened carefully! I noted one sentence, not sure about the author, most likely said by KUSH:

“If you dont’ sell your music in the real world, how will you sell your NFT in the virtual one?”

It’s clear that you need a community! Nothing happens without people. Building your own community is, was and will be necessary! Almost every one of us has its favourite artist, band that we are crazy about! You can also have those fans. But you will not capture crowds if you don’t know where from and where you are going to. During our conversation the most emphasis was put on building communities! Creating community takes a lot of sacrifice. You could have read about how Fifi does it on one of my posts before!

How can I use the app in building my community?

Sapiency app is not only a tool, that instantly and for free lets you emit your tokens, but also has a social side to it. It’s a combination of FB, IG ad TT with an exchange platform and Patronite- to say the least. An interesting fact- it cost Rahim Blak, who has already tokenism himself few years ago as first one in Poland, few hundred thousand zloty. Thanks to that, today you can do it for free through Sapiency app!. Below few pieces of advice.

1. You can create posts just like in any other social media! It can be normal posts with a picture, it can be an audio file (a song or podcast) video, air drop, poll or crowdsale (the photo above)

2. You can do quizzes and games, where you tokens are the reward (you should think throughly giving tokens away for free, one day your fans or hodlers can come back with them and exchange them for a record or ticket for a concert- don’t give away too much, it can be too costly)

3.You can offer some tokens to your fans/hodlers in exchange for doing work for you (for example, I paid my hodlers for an add on IG)

4. You can cooperate with stores for example that sell your records. Everyone who buys your record and sends you the receipt by mail will receive certain amount of tokens as a gift! For example 10% of the total value comes back to your hodler in tokens. I did that with cooperation with Long Play store in Poznan.

5. You can reward your fans/ hodlers for being active and engaged.

This is only the beginning.

These are only few ideas. I keep having new ones every day! How to help fans/ hoders use TOKENS, give them a chance to exchange what they have „earned” or bought. Soon Sapiency app will have an option of creating NFT, it will be a great opportunity for exchanging music for tokens.

And this is only the beginning. The app gives huge opportunities for communication! Already now, I’m seeing some cool and creative solutions. Because it’s a completely new platform you might not know yet how to use it, the rules and good practices are being set currently. It’s as if we took part in the beginning stages of FB or IG, a fascinating adventure!

Communication of benefits!

Your fans, future hodlers will not know in the beginning what this is about! That’s why you should talk about it a lot! But remember, that Sapiency already has few thousand „crypto savvy” people, already well informed. You will have to educate your fans to become hodlers. I write a lot about this in my blog, and YT has even more!

In order to communicate what the benefits are, we have to understand it well first. There are benefits that come just from having your tokens in the wallet. It has certain value and if you enlist on exchange where it could be sold and bought. The tokenomy you create should be clear and simple! That’s why you first have to understand for yourself what and why you’re doing this for!

There are lots of cons and scammers in the world, that want to use naive people. You have to clearly communicate, what your fans/hodlers, that buy your tokens will gain.

It’s good to specify 3-5 clear benefits for having tokens.

What is a crowdsale? How to plan it?

Crowdsale is now the only way for your fans/hodlers to by your token in the Sapiency app! However a sale outside of the app is also possible, most likely between trusted people!

How is crowdsale different from Patronite? You don’t have to promise anything apart from supplying content! Having tokens itself gives access. That’s why you can raise money for a record, mastering or better tools or photo shoot. Everything that will make the quality of your content better. Your fans/hodlers expect that. If you decide to expand your tokenomy and offer other things in exchange for your tokens (records, tickets to concerts) then it’s important to think it through. Planning a crowdsale is very crucial. You can do it without planning and just write„ I need beer”. Most likely some fun loving fans will respond to that also. However I would stay away from easy money. Your people will finally want to settle the accounts. They own tokens and will not hesitate to use them.

Pan Winyl second personal brand tokenized via Sapiency app on the world!

Does the app allow for posting and monetising music?

Yes, and this is what’s great about it! You can post your music (audio and the cover) or podcast. You can share your videocreativity (videos, making of, etc.) written content etc.

You may ask- “but why”? Everything is for free on the web, why would somebody pay me for it?

My answer is very easy! Most of all- limitation! When you see a post like below, a weird mechanism kicks in. Naturally I want to uncover what is behind that picture. And if I buy tokens- it better be worth it!

Just for Creators

Until now there wasn’t a tool that would give direct possibility of paying the creator directly! Also content, that is in the Sapiency app is not available anywhere else-at least it should not be! You devalue your content by publishing it anywhere else for free. It’s very easy! People pay more gladly for things that are not available freely. You decide on the pricing policy for posts! If it takes long time to create it, the access level can be higher from the post with just greetings from a mountaintop! Plus- the tokens stay with the fan/hodler! They can, but don’t have to, sell them, they can keep them in their Sapiency wallet or put them in an external wallet for example Kanga.

Why I am convinced that this is a good direction to take? I wouldn’t be if in the last 3 months I didn’t raise over $1000 on what I did for free until now on other social media platforms.

Be aware that your hodlers can be people who are more focused on crytpo, and not your brand. Your fan should be your hodler, but your hodler doesn’t have to be your fan. Hodler can assess your project positively and believe in what you do and leave you few bucks in exchange for your tokens! See this:

Question: Why you bought WINYL TOKENS: Answer: I think that when an enthusiast starts tokenization and collector sales, you do not have to worry about the return on investment.

Few cryptomarketing ideas?

Air Drop

Give away-but wisely! Only small amount of tokens, that open access to some content that would encourage to enter higher levels! Who doesn’t like to gather points! The goal of air Drops can be enlarging your fanbase/hodlers or rewarding already existing ones.

Best Comment Competition

There can be a reward in tokens for the most interesting comment under a picture! The best answers can be voted for!

Surveys (asking for the type of content that fans/hodlers expect)

You can use surveys to get to know your fans/hodlers better by asking them about what kind of content they expect, they will in return pay for it. Don’t be afraid, that you might become a slave of the tokenaries- you still get to decide on the content you offer. If your fans/hodlers want more of your music? What‘s the problem?

In your post you can publish secret links, where you can hide for example fee MP3! One can access this link only by having given amount of tokens! Remember that every post, doesn’t matter how many tokens it takes, shows first 160 characters! Make sure not to post a link there! Your hodlers with more tokens can feel cheated then!

Awarding most active fans/hodlers with tokens.

This is really amazing! Your most faithful, most active fans/hodlers can be rewarded with tokens! It’s enough to send tokens from your wallet to theirs by putting their nick as the recipient!

Creating a private group on FB only for the tokenized fans/hodlers

With Sapiency you can select those most active fans/hodlers and invite them to a special group on FB.

Creating space for exchange of fans/hodlers tokens!

You can also encourage your fans/hodlers to exchange their tokens for tokens of other befriended performers, whom you are in „tokeoperation” with.

(Launching Day! We are broadcasting LIVE from the LongPlay store in Poznań: on the right Szczepan Bentyn, creator of the Sapiency app, on the left Pan Winyl (me)

The closest future

I feel privilaged, that in the Sapiency app my brand -Pan Winyl -was tokenized as second! It was before the feed was there! I got to meet Szczepan Bentyn, the creator of the app himself, in the crypto world he is known as „ the tokenization guru”. This also gave me an opportunity to speak with him about he app and its functionalities. So, Dear People of Music, in the heart of this app you have your plug! I strongly lobby for the fast introduction of private token exchange (right now you can use befriended Kanga Exchange) and other interesting solutions. What we all are waiting for is of course the possiblity of creating and handling NFT. Opening the secondary market for tokens and NFT will be another breakthrough moment! I will keep you informed!

The new economy

Dear Peope o fMusic, artist of different kind! Sapieny will not solve all your problems and is not another app, that demands something from you! I tell you, this is something else when you get to create content that is already paid for, for people that are waiting for it. This is the new economy. Imagine that in the ear future this will be really possible. You will be able to pay in the store with your own tokens, or in the bar for pizza and beer! In the article about my tokenomy I write for example about Jacek, whose JKCois you can withdraw as polish zloty in cash machines!

Full of hope and faith, that this is not the end, but just the beginning. The pandemic, although hard on us all, sped the digitisation and development of the blockchain technologies, can be greatly rewarding!

Be Wise, be Tokenized!

If after reading this you still feel you need help in going through the process of registration and tokenization, in setting your own tokenomy, stop doubting, working on cryptomarketing ideas for your tokens, you can write me using the form below:

Błąd: Brak formularza kontaktowego.


Pan Winyl


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